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Tuition and policies for 2022-2023
The Privett Academy

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Course for Credit Tuition, September-June:
Course for Credit Group Class: $750 per course, monthly | $2250 per course, quarterly
Course for Credit One-on-One Class: $875 per course, monthly | $2625 per course, quarterly
Contact us for summer tuition rates and payment schedules

AP Course for Credit Group Class: $825 per course, monthly | $2475 per course, quarterly
AP Course for Credit One-on-One Class: $975 per course, monthly | $2925 per course, quarterly

*Students enrolled in 3+ course for credit classes will receive a reduced tuition rate:
3 classes: $100 reduction per month
4 classes:
$150 reduction per month
5+ classes:
$200 reduction per month
*Teacher requests will be accommodated only if scheduling permits. Student registration should not be contingent on specific teacher placement.

*Group classes usually range from 2-6 students.

*Due to a rise in enrollment, one-on-one classes cannot be reserved nor guaranteed.

Tutoring Rates:
Tutoring (Individual Session): $65/hour
Tutoring (Shared Session):
Contact us for summer payment schedules

Non-Refundable Registration Fees:
Full-Time, Diploma Granting Enrollment: $600
Course for Credit Enrollment: $300
Summer Course for Credit Enrollment: $200
Van Transportation Fee (optional): $45/month
*Tutoring students are excluded from enrollment fees

Payment Policies for the School Year

Payment options:
1) Pay monthly via Quickbooks or check, due on the first of each month.*
2) Pay quarterly via Quickbooks or check, due on the first of the month.*
(Payment due 1st, 3rd, and 6th month of school year from September-May, final payment in June set at per-month rate)

Payment Policies for the Summer
Payment options for course for credit:
1) Pay entire amount determined for summer at the time of enrollment via Quickbooks or check.
2) Pay 50% of the amount due at the time of enrollment, and the remaining 50% within the next 30 days via Quickbooks or check.
Payment for all summer tutoring sessions must be paid prior to the first session date to secure those session times. Any missed sessions due to illness or an emergency can either be made up on a different date or can be transferred as a tutoring credit in the Fall.

Mail all check payments to:
The Privett Academy
P.O. Box #42
Mercer Island, WA 98040

The Privett Academy will charge a return check fee of $50 on every check returned by a bank as unpaid.

Late Fees
A late fee of $50 will be assessed if payment is not received by the invoice due date. Teaching services may be suspended if a notice of non-payment is given by both email and phone and payment thereafter is left unpaid. Privett transcripts will not be released if there is a tuition balance due. After 90 days, your account will be turned over to a collection agency.

If there are questions about your statement leave a detailed message and the best method and number to reach you at 206.232.0059 or send an email to

Absences, Cancellations & Withdrawals
Course for Credit Absence
Please inform your student's teacher via email as soon as possible if your child will be absent. Your child is responsible for any work they missed during their absence. Missed course for credit sessions will not be refunded.

Tutoring Cancellation
We have a 24-hour cancellation policy for tutoring sessions. Please email your student's instructor regarding any missed sessions. If 24-hour advance notice is not given, you will still be charged for the session. A tutoring session cancelled for an illness or emergency will be eligible for a credit or refund. A tutoring session cancelled for any reason other than emergency or illness may be made up at a future time, but a refund will not be offered.

​Withdrawal Policy
If you choose to withdraw from a course for credit class taken at The Privett Academy, you are responsible for one month’s tuition in addition to the month that you withdraw. (For example, if you withdraw in October you will pay for the month of October and November.)

Do you have any questions?

Visit our FAQ Page to view commonly asked questions and answers, or feel free to contact us directly at any time.