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We Provide Letter Grades for all Completed Courses | Colleges Apply Privett Grades to a Student's Overall High School GPA!

About Privett

Since opening its doors in 1995, hundreds of students have turned to The Privett Academy to help them get ahead or catch up with their academics.

Privett’s academic model is rooted in teaching developmentally appropriate skills that are necessary for the student to achieve success at a higher level of learning. Our philosophy lies in the belief that most learning occurs when it is interesting and fulfilling. Our teachers strive to help students enjoy learning by making it relevant and exciting and helping students develop and maintain a positive self image.

We appeal to a wide variety of students with our flexible scheduling and course offerings for grades 6-12. The Privett Academy provides a small school environment along with small class sizes. The focus on personalized education affords students the means for developing self-direction, motivation, and focus. Our AESD Accredited courses offer students a letter grade for their earned course credit and will contribute to their overall high school GPA during college admissions. 

Privett provides a necessary alternative for students who are seeking a unique middle and high school academic experience. At Privett, your student will develop the skills, attitudes, and habits needed to succeed in school and in life. We welcome you to schedule a visit and see!

The Privett Academy

We Focus on Reaching Goals

Personalized Learning

At Privett, our classes are designed to meet the needs of the individual student. Teachers take the time to get to know each student, and tailor the curriculum to meet their needs with the appropriate pace to help them achieve their maximum potential.

Progress Reports

Our teachers send out weekly progress reports to help track your student's progress. You can expect to be up-to-date with what is happening in the classroom!

Flexible Scheduling

Privett makes every effort to work with students’ busy schedules. We have teachers who are available all day and most evenings. We appreciate the needs of busy families like yours and will work to fit into your schedule.

The Privett Academy

We have values you can count on

Our thoughtful and caring teachers take time to get to know your student and tailor the curriculum to meet those needs
  • The relationship that can be fostered in a small group or one-on-one setting allows students to feel capable enough to succeed in a larger school setting.
  • If students are provided motivational, organizational, and academic skills they will be more successful in school.
  • Building self-confidence, esteem, and life skills will keep students in school and will create successful citizens after graduation.
  • By working in partnership with our students’ local public schools, we are better equipped to help students meet graduation requirements and be prepared for post-secondary opportunities.
“Privett has been an amazing source of comfort for our family. Knowing that our daughter has the individual attention she needs and the grades that show her hard work.
Privett Parent

Privett provides tranporation to and from MIHS!

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